Read-Only API and minting operations. ||

GET - /v1/collections/ - List of assets per collection.

Use this endpoint to load a list of assets per collection. The result is paginated to one collection per page, and it can filter data by passing specific arguments in the URL.

URL params.

/v1/collections/?status=confirmed&sort=-created_on. Use “-” for DESC ordering

  • status: preauth, waiting, processing, royalties, burning, rejected, error, refund,
  • canceled, stand-by, confirmed
  • is_auto: 0 or 1 || true or false
  • has_royalties: 0 or 1 || true or false
  • search: Search term to lookup by collection UUID, transaction’s UUID, deposit address, or policy id
  • sort: created_on, updated_on
  • page: page number of the paginated results

GET - /v1/collections/$uuid/ - Collection Detail

Use this endpoint to get a list of all assets for a collection.

POST - /v1/collections/$uuid/mint/ - Mint Operation

Mint on-demand non-confirmed transaction associated with the asset. Use this endpoint to "manually" mint the transaction for the asset or collection.

URL params.

Transaction can be forced to be minted. This will generate a new policy and set a new invalid_slot. Mint operation can only be forced once.


  • force: true or false

POST - /v1/collections/$uuid/refund/ - Refund Operation

Refund non-confirmed transactions associated with the asset. The transaction will be refunded and later canceled.