A Transaction will be created for each minting request, which will contain all the necessary information and status for that particular cycle. The transaction will then undergo a 24-hour cycle, after which it will either be confirmed or canceled. In case the transaction remains unconfirmed, it will be automatically refunded before being canceled.

Status Options

The transaction status reflects the asset and collection status, and each transaction has several minted procedures with specified status and status_description. These include:

  • Preauth: An asset listing has been created but has not been requested for minting, and these transactions need to be minted manually by posting to the mint endpoint.

  • Waiting: The transaction is ready for minting, and the Deposit Address is waiting for funds.

  • Processing: The transaction has received the required funds and started the minting process.

  • Royalties: The minting process has started for the associated royalties with the asset or collection.

  • Burning: Procedures for burning tokens have started. This status indicates that royalties have been minted and will be burned.

  • Error: There was an error while crafting the transaction, and these transactions can be retried or refunded.

  • Rejected: The asset was created correctly in the system but failed when the system submitted the transaction into the Blockchain due to insufficient funds or metadata not being accepted by the Blockchain. These transactions can be retried or refunded.

  • Refund: The transaction is set for a refund, and non-confirmed transactions can be refunded at any time. Any funds in the Deposit Address are returned to the Issuer Address, and the is_refunded boolean flag can be checked once the transaction has been submitted successfully.

  • Standby: This status is used for collections that were split into multiple sub-collections, and the parent transaction is waiting for all children's transactions to be processed. Each non-confirmed sub-transaction is processed individually and can be minted or set for refunds individually.

  • Confirmed: All assets related to a transaction have been successfully minted and will be sent to the Issuer Address along with any change.

  • Canceled: Non-confirmed transactions will be canceled after 24 hours of activity, and the policy keys for these transactions will be collected and stored in cold storage. If you want to resubmit a canceled transaction, contact support.