Read-Only API and minting operations. ||

GET - /v1/transactions/ - List of transactions.

Use this endpoint to load a list of transactions.

URL params.

/v1/transactions/?status=waiting&sort=-created_on. Use “-” for DESC ordering

  • status: preauth, waiting, processing, royalties, burning, rejected, error, refund,
  • canceled, stand-by, confirmed
  • is_auto_processing: 0 or 1 || true or false
  • has_royalties: 0 or 1 || true or false
  • search: Search term to lookup by UUID, name, description, deposit address, or policy id
  • sort: created_on, updated_on or name
  • page: page number of the paginated results

GET - /v1/transactions/$uuid/ - Transaction Detail

Use this endpoint to get a detailed transaction.

POST - /v1/transactions/$uuid/mint/ - Mint Operation

Mint on-demand non-confirmed transactions. Use this endpoint to "manually" mint the transaction.

URL params.

Transaction can be forced to be minted. This will generate a new policy and set a new invalid_slot. Mint operation can only be forced once.


  • force: true or false

POST - /v1/transactions/$uuid/refund/ - Refund Operation

Refund non-confirmed transactions associated with the asset. The transaction will be refunded and later canceled.