Follow the instructions and samples from this guide to get you started minting NFTs.

3188 is a company that provides an API service for minting NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. Their API allows developers to create and manage NFTs using simple HTTP requests, and it handles the complexities of creating and managing smart contracts and transactions on the Cardano blockchain. Bakrypt's service also provides access to a range of tools and features that make it easier to create and manage NFTs, including a wallet integration, asset management tools, and transaction monitoring.

# Glossary Definitions

Asset – An Asset is a Cardano native token that Bakrypt creates using its own metadata standards. Bakrypt adds extra properties to the metadata to indicate how the token was minted.

Attachment - You can use the Files API to upload files and create Attachments. Bakrypt stores these files on a Content Delivery Network and then pins them to IPFS. Attachments hold information that's needed to create an Asset.

Collection – A Collection is a group of Assets that share a policy. You can create a Collection with a single request using the Assets API, but it's limited to 8kb of metadata. If a Collection is bigger, it gets split into smaller sub-collections that are processed separately, but only one payment is needed.

Deposit address – A Deposit Address is a payment address that Bakrypt generates to process the Transaction. It receives ADA tokens from the payor, which Bakrypt uses to create and register Cardano Native Tokens. Any change and tokens leftover in the Transaction or UTXO are sent back to the issuer's address. This information should only be shared with the legitimate owner of the tokens.

Issuer Address – An Issuer Address is the payor of the Transaction, chosen from the first Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) in the list. The first wallet that sends funds to the Deposit Address gets the tokens and change from the Deposit. The user can set this value if they have enough permissions.

Transaction - A Transaction is a data structure that contains metadata and information related to the minting process, including the policy id, deposit address, minting costs, and the issuer's wallet address. Bakrypt generates a Transaction for each mint request, and it's linked to an Asset or a Collection of assets. You can manage transactions using the Transactions API and these are live for a span of 24 hours or until the Transaction is confirmed or Canceled.

Auto Processing - Auto Processing is an attribute that's turned on by default. It estimates the cost and deposit address for the Transaction when you make a request. If you don't want an estimate, you can turn Auto Processing off, and the transaction will be authorized for minting. Unconfirmed Transactions are refunded and canceled after 24 hours.