CRUD Operations, List of assets, and minting operations. ||

GET - /v1/files/ - List of available attachments.

Use this endpoint to load a list of assets. The result is paginated, and it can be filtered by passing specific arguments in the URL.

URL params.

/v1/files/?sort=-created_on. Use “-” for DESC ordering

  • search: Search term to lookup by UUID, name, and IPFS hash
  • sort: created_on, updated_on or name
  • page: page number of the paginated results

POST - /v1/files/ - Upload a file into IPFS.

This endpoint is used to create upload files into IPFS. The maximum size per file is 100 MB.

GET - /v1/files/$uuid/ - Attachment detail

Use this endpoint to return all the information for a file.

DELETE - /v1/files/$uuid/ - Unpin file from IPFS

This operation will unpin all added content from Bakrypt's IPFS node.