Transaction Details

GET ||;

After you make a request, you will receive a Transaction that is linked to either an individual asset or a group of assets. This Transaction will have a deposit address and an estimate of the costs involved in the transaction. You should transfer enough funds to the deposit address to cover the estimated costs while you wait for the transaction to complete. Once the transaction is complete, any assets that were minted as well as any change will be sent back to the person who initiated the transaction.

Deposit funds and minting assets

When the transaction is marked as "waiting," the system will wait for enough funds to be transferred to the Deposit Address (addr1vxzqwzt22hkmkslkhyzt65976etatclvxvtwht6g3z8hgds8n20s8) to cover the estimated cost (which is around ADA 15.25). The person making the payment (payor) can choose to pay more than the estimated cost (e.g., ADA 16), and the system will return any change that's due as part of the transaction. The address of the person issuing the transaction will be obtained only after the payment has been confirmed at the deposit address.

cost: 15.25561;
deposit_address: "addr1vxzqwzt22hkmkslkhyzt65976etatclvxvtwht6g3z8hgds8n20s8";
status: "waiting";
status_description: "Waiting for funds";

Request - Retrieve the transaction's details


/* Vanilla Javascript Example using fetch */
let accessToken = "<access_token>";
let txUUID = "<transaction_uuid>";
(async () => {
  let auth_url = `${txUUID}`;
  const retrieveTransaction = await fetch(auth_url, {
    method: "GET",
    headers: {
      "Content-Type": "application/json",
      Authorization: `Bearer ${accessToken}`,

  console.log(await retrieveTransaction.json());



    amount: 1,
    blockchain_fee: 0.227805,
    convenience_fee: 6,
    cost: 15.25561,
    created_on: "2022-04-30 16:12:13.983673+00:00",
    deposit_address: "addr1vxzqwzt22hkmkslkhyzt65976etatclvxvtwht6g3z8hgds8n20s8",
    description: "Collection: 7c4dcc1b-73db-4e74-90c8-a0e2b23a0bb1",
    fraud_status: "unknown",
    has_royalties: true,
    image: "",
    invalid_slot: "59855240",
    is_auto_processing: false,
    is_deleted: false,
    is_minted: false,
    is_refunded: false,
    is_resubmitted: false,
    is_voided: false,
    issuer_address: null,
    name: "",
    policy_id: "7517575ec43144fcba643475f01832ca3c3685fbb6b0b618f752700c",
    royalties: "addr_test1qzr84dy9syhkdy3ffn8c3mn8n2zh0wzhgwltz2dle5phaaky56y0ulyxyrz2mra05y8xsnxcgphrleag8mxs0llszrkjah",
    royalties_burned: false,
    royalties_burned_on: null,
    royalties_minted: false,
    royalties_minted_on: null,
    royalties_rate: "3.00",
    status: "waiting",
    status_description: "Waiting for funds",
    type: "ADA",
    updated_on: "2022-04-30 16:12:16.840865+00:00",
    uuid: "20baaf19-7cd6-4723-95c6-b1f554a27bbb",